Real-Time Mobile Mapping with the construction machine.


Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the SDX-Compact can be operated in just a few minutes, allowing comprehensive documentation to be created directly with the construction machine.


The design of the SDX-Compact allows quick switching between different machines and thus also the measurement of any work. Starting with the inventory to the final completion of the project.


The flexible application possibilities of the SDX-Compact in surveying as well as the regular updates of the software enable you to work permanently with the latest technology.

In just 30 minutes, you will learn how the SDX-Compact
can revolutionize your business!

Quick installation -
No calibration.

Install the SDX-Compact in just a few minutes and start collecting data right away. Thanks to the integrated sensor technology, no manual calibration is required. Simply connect the box and get started.

Your project. Your machine.
Our system!

With our system you are flexible and independent in choosing your machines for your projects. Whether you want to use a new machine or an existing one – our system can easily and quickly be installed by your own staff. This means you can rely on reliable and accurate surveying at any time and at any stage of your project to make your work more effective. There are no limits to your creativity!

The SDX-Compact turns a construction machine into a surveying device in just a few minutes.
Maximum time savings in surveying are the result.

How you benefit from the SDX-Compact

The SDX-Compact can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes.

The system’s integrated sensor technology enables simple commissioning without manual calibration.

The compact size of the system makes it easy to transport and use on a variety of machines.

The SDX-Compact enables fast and reliable data acquisition for efficient project management.

The automated measurement and documentation of the SDX-Compact can save valuable man-hours.

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