Survey and document with the excavator

A construction machine.
A system. Many advantages.

Equipped with machine controls and assistance systems, excavators are already machines that are far advanced in digitalization. With the SDX-4DVision, one more additional component can facilitate their work.

Equipped with laser scanners and cameras in combination with your machine control, measuring and documenting is also done by the machine!

Let us advise you and find out how your machines are also compatible with the SDX-4DVision.

Flexibility through individual equipment

The SDX-4DVision from Sodex Innovations can be equipped with different numbers of laser scanners and cameras. This makes the use on Dredging of any size is possible, from small compact and wheeled dredgers to large tracked dredgers.. The individual equipment ensures flexibility and enables optimal adaptation to the respective construction machine.

Increased efficiency through integration

The SDX-4DVision from Sodex Innovations enables direct integration into existing machine controls and assistance systems. Through the The use of existing sensors on construction machines also enables measurement and documentation with the excavator, thus additionally increasing the benefit and added value of your already installed sensors.

Precision in underground line construction with SDX-4DVision

Through the integration of a camera and laser scanner combination the system can create colored point clouds. In this way lines, for example, can be measured directly from the point clouds to avoid long travel times. as well as surveys that can lead to construction stops. Without having to get out of the machine, all the Work is documented in detail with 3D data and images. This allows you to increase your efficiency in civil engineering immensely.

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