Cloud-based construction site management

Faster billing.
Complete documentation.
Full overview.

your profits.

The detailed documentation from images as well as 3D models saves you time and resources in surveying and preparation and allows you to process supplements faster and easier.

more efficient.

Our cloud solution gives you location-independent access to all relevant data on current status and progress. Thus, nothing prevents the successful completion of your projects.


Our solution gives you a competitive edge by gaining even more trust from customers and clients through detailed documentation and accurate schedule adherence.

In just 30 minutes, you will learn how the SDX-Compact
can revolutionize your business!

Efficient measurement of your projects from the office

With the Sodex Cloud, you can capture all relevant project data from your office without being on site. Through our digital twin, you have access to all intermediate project statuses at any time, which leads to faster recording of billing-relevant data. In addition, cables can be surveyed directly in the cloud using colored point clouds, which leads to massive time savings, especially in underground cable construction.

Full overview thanks to digital twin

As a foreman or project manager, you always have an up-to-date overview of the progress of your construction projects in the Sodex Cloud. In our digital twin, you can directly store plans and see in which areas you have have already completed the work. With this collected information in a single model, you can make fact-based decisions and react to changes early and successfully complete your projects.

More transparency and cost savings through clear dashboards

With our customizable dashboards, you can see the current status of your projects in seconds. You can quickly check how much material has been moved, what percentage of the project has been completed and whether you are meeting your daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Additionally, by sharing dashboards, you can guarantee cost- and time-efficient coordination.

Sodex Cloud users love the digital twin because all stakeholders can see the information relevant to them within seconds!

So you profit from
the Sodex Cloud

Faster billing & supplement management thanks to permanent availability of all data

Meeting deadlines and costs through real-time monitoring

Cost- and time-efficient monitoring of project progress and material movements

More productive collaboration and coordination of project participants

Seamless integration into existing software programs through established export file formats

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