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SDX-Compact - the compact solution for every construction machine!

See all projects
in one platform - in real time!

In just 30 minutes, you will learn how the SDX-Compact
can revolutionize your business!

Seamless machine changeover for higher profitability

Thanks to its compact design, our SDX-Compact can be quickly changed from one construction machine to the next. become. This means there are no breaks in your construction process and you can increase your productivity. With our system, you not only save time, but also increase your efficiency and thus your profit.

Simple operation for quick start

Our Sodex Cloud is easy to use, so that every employee can work directly with the right data. All information is already georeferenced and prepared, which greatly simplifies the work process. With our system you will not lose valuable time through long on-boarding and you can thus move construction projects forward more quickly.

Centralized data for increased profit

Our SDX-Compact allows you to access all relevant data from any location. This saves you time and costs due to long travel distances and you can access your data at any time. The same team can manage more projects due to the centralization of data and you sustainably fight against the shortage of skilled workers.

In addition, you make an important contribution to environmental protection by avoiding unnecessary journeys and thus achieving your sustainability goals.

Case Study Tomaselli Gabriel Bau

“This allows perfect documentation to be produced for the builders.”

Philipp Tomaselli (CEO Tomaselli Gabriel Bau)

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