Documentation, Billing and Real-Time Analysis. 

Automated, thanks to one assistance system! 

Documentation and surveying are central elements for construction projects of any kind and are firmly anchored in work processes. 

Thanks to the latest laser scanning and camera technology, SDX-4DVision enables automatic creation of documentation including images, geo-referenced measuring points and individual parameters without carrying out a measurement yourself. 

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New Dimensions!

3 Areas – Innumerable advantages!


The SDX-4DVision enables automatic surveys of the current and original terrain using a laser scanner without the need for additional manual surveying. 

At desired intervals or at the push of a button, the system saves the current terrain as a 3D model. For complete traceability of the data, our system automatically saves a desired number of camera images. 

The classification of the soil class can be carried out directly during the excavation work by user input. A listing of the respective volumes or an output of the soil class as a 3D model in the terrain is possible as well. 


The data of the SDX-4DVision is available in exactly the format you need. The terrain can be output as a point cloud or 3D model. In addition, you can also export a list of the volume per soil class. 

Due to the continuous measurement of the SDX-4DVision, not only excavations but also backfills can be detected. Accounting for the material is simple with the correct classification. 

Price and costs can be assigned to the soil classes used, which almost completely automates your post-calculation. The regularly saved 3D models and images eliminate discussions after the job is done. 

Real-Time Analysis

Up-to-date 3D data and images make it easy to monitor daily and weekly targets and construction progress. 

The SDX-4DVision offers you the possibility to monitor temporarily stored material. The system displays the exact amount of temporarily stored volume, which makes your site logistics much easier. 

Fact-based planning is made easy with SDX-4DVision. Thanks to the ability to monitor progress and performance, you can plan current as well as future projects much better. 

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About the System

Survey in real time! 


SDX-4DVision enhances your excavator with laser and camera systems, with which your construction site is already surveyed during the excavation work. In combination with GNSS technology, the advantages of the already used surveying methods (GNSS rover pole, drones, laser scanner) are combined and lead to completely new possibilities. SDX-4DVision takes over the surveying of your projects and any further surveys are no longer necessary. 


In order to offer you maximum flexibility, we can also implement assistance systems that are already mounted on the machine. Sensors and GNSS systems installed on the machine are connected to the SDX-4DVision so that the data from these systems can be used by us. This flexibility saves you costs and additional components on your machine. If you want to know more about the already compatible systems, please contact us! 


With more than 38 million points per minute, the SDX-4DVision continuously surveys your construction site. This data is evaluated in real time and merged into a georeferenced 3D model. Due to the large number of measurements, the original terrain can be reconstructed and surveys before starting work are not necessary. 

In order to not overload your storage capacity, all data is managed and stored by us. You save only those models and files that you need! 


The data required for billing and documentation can be added directly during the work via our user interface. With just two clicks, parameters such as soil classes, tools and storage locations are automatically assigned to the cubic meters moved and can be retrieved at any time. 

This allows you to complete your projects with little administrative effort after the job is done, since all the data is already available, and monitoring the progress of the project in real time also becomes a breeze. 


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