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Sodex Innovations as a partner of Deutsche Bahn

Winning Deutsche Bahn as a partner is probably a big goal for every start-up. And we are very pleased that we have managed to do just that. In the course of a challenge of the “DB mindbox” (start-up hub of Deutsche Bahn), we were able to qualify for a 100-day programme of the “Zukunftsinitiative Bahnbau”.

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Diversity in the IT industry

Women in the IT industry. A much-discussed topic in the world of work in recent years. As a woman, you belong to the exceptions in technical professions….

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About Sodex Innovations

We started our “Sodex” project in 2017. With a model excavator for just under €60, a few electronic components that you can find in any beginner’s box and an idea that was a bit crazy at the time.

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