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In recent years, the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry in German-speaking countries (DACH) has become a major problem. The construction industry has experienced a strong economy in recent years, resulting in a high demand for workers in this field. At the same time, however, the number of skilled workers in the industry is declining. This paper examines the reasons for the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry in the DACH region.

Reasons for the shortage of skilled workers

One of the main reasons for the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry is the demographic development in the DACH region. The number of professionals retiring is higher than the number of replacements. In addition, many young people have neglected training in the construction industry in recent years and opted for other professions. Another important factor is the fact that many trained specialists from the DACH region are migrating abroad in search of better working conditions and higher wages.

Another reason is the fact that the construction industry was considered unattractive and uninnovative in the past. As a result, many young people have found the profession of construction worker to be unsustainable and have opted for other professions. In recent years, however, this has changed. The construction industry has recognized that it needs to become more innovative and attractive in order to attract more young people to the profession.

Solutions for the shortage of skilled workers

Various measures need to be taken to solve the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry in the DACH region. Firstly, more young people need to be attracted to training in the construction industry. To this end, training opportunities in the industry must be made better known and improved. Working conditions and wages for skilled workers must also be made more attractive.

Another important approach is to promote the further training and qualification of employees in the construction industry. Improved skills enable employees to work more productively and better adapt to the demands of the industry. The framework conditions for a successful career in the construction industry must also be improved. These include more opportunities for advancement and a better work-life balance.

The SDX-Compact is an innovative device that helps stop the shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry by increasing the productivity and efficiency of workers in the industry.

It is a mobile surveying system that allows to measure your project in a short time and with high precision. By using this device, construction projects can be planned and executed faster and more efficiently. The high precision of the scanner and cameras also makes it possible to minimize errors, resulting in higher quality work and a reduction in rework.

By using the SDX-Compact, contractors can save time and money by finding faster and more efficient solutions for their projects. This can help companies take on more projects and thus create more jobs. In addition, the device can help improve working conditions for employees in the industry by enabling them to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

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