Sodex Innovations meets Fieldwork

Picture of Ralf Pfefferkorn

Ralf Pfefferkorn

CEO & Founder Sodex Innovations

The construction industry is facing growing challenges, especially in the areas of documentation and logistics. The massive shortage of skilled workers also makes it difficult for companies to implement their projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

A solution to these problems is offered by the digital system from Sodex Innovations, which was specially developed for civil engineering and is now to be used increasingly in Switzerland!

Fieldwork, considered a leading provider of custom machine control and surveying solutions, is now a new partner of Sodex Innovations. The partnership between Sodex Innovations and Fieldwork allows companies to take advantage of Sodex Innovations’ digital system while drawing on Fieldwork’s expertise.

The system includes laser scanners and cameras that are installed directly on the construction site and create a digital twin of the site in real time. Surveyors, project managers and general managers of construction companies can access the data from anywhere and take virtual site tours. This massively simplifies the documentation and invoicing of projects, and progress and logistics can be analyzed.

By combining Sodex technology and fieldwork expertise, construction companies in Switzerland can be pioneers in efficiency and cost optimization. Automatic data recording by Sodex’s system means that documentation and billing are no longer time-consuming manual tasks, but are handled automatically. At the same time, progress analysis enables more precise planning and control of construction projects.

Overall, Sodex Innovations’ digital system provides an innovative solution to the challenges in the construction industry. In Switzerland in particular, it can help companies implement their projects more efficiently and cost-effectively while ensuring seamless documentation. In this context, the partnership with Fieldwork opens up additional opportunities and expertise for construction companies looking for innovative solutions.