Innovation does not go alone!

Ralf Pfefferkorn

Ralf Pfefferkorn

CEO & Founder of Sodex Innovations

This is particularly clear to us at Sodex Innovations and that is why we are very happy to be able to lead a development partnership with the company Tomaselli Gabriel Bau from Nüziders since March 2022.

A partnership in which trial and error is incredibly important and has taken us a long way. 3 months in which we were able to eliminate teething problems, improve usability and learn a lot about building processes.

Particularly important for us was the cooperation and the meetings directly on the construction site, where we were able to determine in many conversations how surveying exactly works and where the important processes take place.

So in this very short time we were able to develop our SDX-4DVision from a simple prototype into a helpful tool.

A system which optimises the measurement and thereby
brings great advantages, especially in accounting and documentation.

Surveyors do not have to travel to the construction site every day to record the current status, but can call up current 3D data and images directly on the computer in the office and thus keep a better eye on the construction progress.

But all this would not have been possible alone. Thanks to the
exchange of experience, the insights into construction processes and the almost daily feedback have enabled us to take our SDX-4DVision a big step further.

For this we would like to say thank you today and we hope that
this partnership will continue for a long time and that we can create many more new innovations together.

Because building for the future means building on the future!

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