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Accounting, documentation, planning – just three of many areas in which construction site surveying plays a major role.

To date, this survey is carried out with GNSS rover poles, drones or laser scanners. Each of these devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the trade-off between measurement resolution and time is usually the deciding factor when it comes to the surveying equipment. The desire for a comprehensive solution is growing and growing! This is where the SDX-4DVision comes in. Measuring without effort, high measuring resolution and only the amount of data you really need!

Our system, based on the latest laser and camera technology, is installed directly on the excavator and thus offers the possibility of recording all relevant data during the excavation work. The SDX-4DVision measures your construction site with almost 38 million points, automatically cleans and filters the data and stores it on the Sodex Cloud. This means that the files do not take up any storage space on your devices and servers! You only download the data you really need! But that’s not all!

The SDX-4DVision offers you the possibility to store the soil class during the excavation work. By selecting the desired material on the user interface, this parameter is assigned to the scanned points and you receive an exact overview of the volumes per soil class at any time. This function is not only possible for excavation, but can also be used for burying e.g. pipeline trenches and allows you to clearly list the material used. The 3D visualisation of our system also allows you to see how much material you have already backfilled, eliminating the need to re-measure the backfill.

In addition, we provide you with a wide range of management tools. For example, you can display material that is temporarily stored next to the excavation, which means that there should be neither too much nor too little material for the subsequent backfilling!

Do you have a particularly large construction site? This is no problem for the SDX-4DVision! By setting different storage locations, our system shows you exactly where you store how much of the moved material. In addition to these functions, there are numerous other points that make the SDX-4DVision an absolute must-have for you! We would be happy to inform you about this in a personal meeting! Contact us and ask all your questions. We are looking forward to it! And our newsletter is an additional source of information. This will keep you informed about the latest news and developments! See you soon!

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