Diversity in the IT industry

Alexandra Mayer

Business Administration at Sodex Innovations

Women in the IT industry. A much discussed topic in the working world in recent years. As a woman, you belong to the exceptions in technical professions and proving yourself in this male-dominated environment is sometimes a challenge. Women are severely underrepresented in the IT sector worldwide. This can lead to consequences such as a lack of potential, the fight against prejudice or a lack of diversity in the IT industry. It is therefore a fact that the lack of female employees in companies in the technical field turns out to be negative in the long run. However, not only the lack of women, but also the lack of diversity in general is still a challenge for many companies in the IT sector. 

At Sodex Innovations GmbH, this was identified as a potential problem at a very early stage and action was taken accordingly. Currently, the team consists of ten members, including one woman. And although it is still quite a small team, the members are different and diverse in various aspects. Regardless of age, origin, education or gender: the team is a colorful mix. The heterogeneous working environment offers great scope for innovative ideas and effective implementation and collaboration. This is one of the special features of the Sodex team, of which everyone is very proud.

The advantages of a mixed environment are evident here from day to day. Women act as an innovative and creative force in teams in male-dominated professions, bringing new insights to the work environment. Different perspectives on problems are thus made possible and the number of approaches to solutions is significantly increased. General diversity in the work team promotes interpersonal relationships and social competence in the workplace. As a heterogeneous team one sticks together and the tolerance of all is improved.

Respectful interaction between team members counts here as a basic principle of everyday work. Each individual member is seen as a driving force for the company’s success and treated accordingly. Diversity is not simply ignored and covered up here, but accepted and respected. Everyone is special in their own way and that is what makes the team so workable, flexible and efficient. In the future, Sodex will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in the work environment. The goal is to welcome more diversity, especially in the IT industry, and to create an open and tolerant environment for all.

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