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Ralf Pfefferkorn

Ralf Pfefferkorn

CEO & Founder of Sodex Innovations

Starting your own business is a great success in life. Especially at our young age, this represents a memorable step. Especially the backing and support from external people and institutes are fun and bring motivation.

Therefore, we are especially happy to be able to report to you today that we have had two very special successes this year. Armin Strbac decided together with Katharina Klausberger to invest in us and our company. This means that the path that Armin started with us as a mentor is now continuing. The two founders of the flea market app Shpock, one of the biggest and most successful startups in Austrian history, work closely with us and support us not only financially! In regular meetings and sessions we exchange ideas about the possibilities of our systems and the future of the company and optimize processes, development work and strategies.
We are very happy about this cooperation, because we benefit a lot from the pleasant collaboration and have a lot of fun in the common exchange.

But that is not all! At the end of June this year, we were also able to secure support from the AWS PreSeed grant. With this funding, specialized in high technology and DeepTech, we will now be able to cover a large part of the development and personnel costs and continue our work in an optimal way. In addition to the success of receiving the grant, however, the application process was also very beneficial for us. While working on business plans and other documents, we ourselves learned a lot about our system and the company. Even if this may sound very surprising, the intensive examination of our business model has brought us very far and has also shown us a lot of optimization potential, which we will try to use in the future.

In addition to these successes, we were also able to receive support from the v-start grant on the one hand and the API Foundation on the other. We are also very happy in this regard, as we also receive strong support in our geographical environment through these local promotions, which makes us very happy.

With all these supports and grants, we could register a 6-digit funding round in 2021, which will cover a large part of the upcoming costs, supporting the development of innovative systems for the construction industry. With this backing and great support, we will continue to push forward with our work and hopefully have our first results to show soon.

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Best regards and see you soon!

Your Sodex Innovations Team

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