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Ralf Pfefferkorn

Ralf Pfefferkorn

CEO & Gründer von Sodex Innovations

In 2017 we started our project “Sodex”. With a model excavator for just under 60€, a few electronic components that you can find in any beginner’s box and an idea that was a bit crazy at the time. An idea that grew into our dream. An idea that today is our company vision!

But before we get to where we are today, a little look back at our past.

In spring 2018, we were able to make initial progress on our “autonomous prototype”. In the course of a project week at the HTL Rankweil (www.htl-rankweil.at) in the branch “electronics and technical computer science”, we converted our model excavator, then affectionately called “Ida”, into a small marvel. A few days after starting work, it was already able to perform a few pre-programmed steps on its own. But that was not all, we applied for the diploma thesis competition “Axaward” and reached the finals there. All in all, we were able to win the 6th place and the pitching. With the feedback we received and the motivation we gained, we continued to tinker.

The idea of an autonomous excavator grew more and more and so we were able to win our partner Huppenkothen for us at the beginning of 2019. Since then, they have provided us with our 2.5t prototype on which we are testing our systems. In March 2019, we took part in the com:bau trade fair and subsequently also entered the finals of Jugend Innovativ, the largest ideas competition in Austria, where we received a lot of constructive feedback.

And it was precisely with this feedback that we designed our thesis and retooled our prototype. In June 2020, we then reached a major milestone. At this point, our prototype “Beate” excavated a hole fully autonomously for the first time. You can also see it in this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI0qo9r5kaU
But that’s not all, a nomination for the TÜV science award, the victory at Jugend Innovativ and the diploma thesis competition for automation AUTstanding and a 3rd place at the Bank Austria business plan competition round off these successes further! In addition to this, one of our biggest milestones. The participation in the Puls 4 show “2 minutes 2 mentors”, where we could convince Armin Strbac of us, who accompanies and supports us as a mentor since then.

After these successes we dedicated ourselves to 2 big topics. Firstly, the team expansion in order to be able to push our developments faster and above all better. Secondly, the development of a product. Even though our diploma thesis was already a very big step in this field of technology, the result was still far away from a product for end customers.
And now the time has finally come, the team has grown and with it our developments. All this and the sensational feedback from the construction industry have now led to the decision to found our own company. The Sodex Innovations GmbH!
Our own company with a vision that was born from a dream: Sodex’ vision is to be the world leading provider for tailored automation solutions for excavators!

Even though this is a very ambitious vision, one thing is always in the foreground for us: Simplify and automate essential construction processes by upgrading them with a Sodex system, regardless of the model!

And this is exactly what we will continue to work on and hopefully be able to show first results soon!

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We look forward to seeing you!

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